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The fight gets progressively more violent, culminating in one woman shoving the other’s face into her breasts (how is that a form of punishment? The ad caused a controversy when it originally aired, with some claiming that it promoted violence against women, and others crying foul over its exploitive use of lesbianism.

) and the time-honored head-dunking in a toilet, before the women slam into a chain link fence (echoes of ) and kiss each other hungrily. But many queer women took delight in seeing the rare (in the land of commercials) sight of women doing martial arts . At this point, does anyone really care about what they’re selling anymore?

Commercial: “Fashion Versus Style” (UK)Date:2005 Advertiser: FCUK (French Connection) Description: Two women (one representing “Fashion” and the other “Style”) duke it out in an sexually-charged smackdown. Everybody wins Analysis: French designer Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal,” and this 2005 commercial from the UK brought his quote to vivid life by using women to represent “Style” and “Fashion” and then having them square off in a fight to the death. The two opponents are gradually disrobed as they throw, punch, and kick one another across the room.

Their choreographed fight is part , complete with whip-like sound effects for every head turn and come-and-get-it gesture.

In our first installment in this series on the representation of lesbians and bisexual women in commercials, we looked at some of the best, worst, and weirdest commercials we could find.

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Two scantily-clad young women park their convertible and walk together into a clothing store. Score: For great choreography, a truly passionate kiss, and for the unironic use of motor boating, this ad gets four out of five mud-wrestling lesbians. No, seriously, they kiss for 20 seconds (we counted). The shot fades and we’re left with the image of an overflowing bottle of Tinkoff beer. Sometimes a bottle of beer is just bottle of beer, and just because queer women might not be the target audience for this advertisement doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it. Score: Sensual, unflinching display of a prolonged and passionate lesbian kiss? Heavy-handed bottle symbolism and the fact that this scene has absolutely nothing to do with the product being sold? We give this ad three out of five mud-wrestling lesbians.Commercial: “Tinkoff Beer” (Russia)Date: 2005 Advertiser: Tinkoff Weissbier Description: We’ll have what they’re having. A new research study revealed that beer ads on television can intrigue college students and lead them to start drinking.

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