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Interland told Hit Quarters that he listened to Blunt's demo while driving home and after hearing the track "Goodbye My Lover", pulled over and called the mobile number written on the CD to set up a meeting.

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Looking back we had a fantastic year, a brand new album, great shows and we made some new friends around the globe. See more pictures by photographer Hans Schoo at his Facebook page: here This coming year we will have some cool surprises for you all, stay tuned and see you soon! See here: We are happy to announce that T-99 will be playing Scumbash festival on March 4th in Rotterdam.

T-99 geeft op donderdag 15 december een optreden in Vera te Groningen. After the break in 2009 the band reentered the scene in 2015 with the compilation album “The Various Sounds Of T-99” on Excelsior Recordings.

‘s Middags treedt de band op in Het Nederlands Stripmuseum om de expositie te lanceren. De expositie is te zien van zaterdag 3 december 2016 tot en met zondag 26 februari 2017.” ★★★★ Dagblad van het Noorden: “In the Netherlands there is no roots rock band that can match this trio of international stature…” ★★★★ Written In Music: “stronger than ever! ‘Motorcycle Years’ is taken from the album ‘Bedlam! The supported tour lead to several sold out clubshows and packed festivals.

Strangely enough, even with his music being all over the radio here in Australia, I cannot begrudge the fact that Blunt is truly talented and has made himself a damn good debut record." BBC Collective said "It's very rare I give an album 5 stars. I never thought i would say this, but Back To Bedlam has not got one bad track on it.

I've listened to it 3 times back to back, just to make sure." Slant Magazine said, in a three and a half star review, that "Bedlam is an overall raw listening experience" and that though "Blunt's writing often juxtaposes love with death" that it's "More reason for American girls to go gaga over this able British bloke." In a 4 star review, said that "To aptly describe James Blunt's music in his debut album Back to Bedlam, it would be an injustice to ignore the backdrop of his past and its relation to his music – in fact it's impossible to do so" and gave praise to the songs which they called "Hauntingly captivating, his words paint the pictures of many stories lived, masterly recited through his songs.After a break to partake in several side-projects (Cuban Heels, Maison Du Malheur) in 2015 they issued their ‘best of’ entitled ‘The Various Sounds Of T-99’.It is named after the famous psychiatric institution of Bethlem Royal Hospital, which is commonly known as Bedlam.Blunt had piano and violin lessons as a child, but his first significant exposure to popular music was at Harrow School.