Be a mysterious woman dating

25-Apr-2017 02:58

Someone who doesn't tell everything on a date - someone who a man needs to slowly unravel and figure out. This means that every little life issue does not need to be revealed to the man.In dress, the woman might wear something that accentuates her curves perfectly, without overly advertising her cleavage or body parts.

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I seen women get hit on wearing their pajamas to class on finals week. Also the whole "unobtainable" might be a bit of a tad zealous.

I look to my parents as an example just laying on the couch watching T. my dad makes a corny joke he knows its corny my mom knows its corny and that he does it to mess with her, she smirks at him, roll her eyes a bit laughs and they continue to enjoy each others company.

They not trying to intrigue each other with mystery they know each other and love each others company and I hope my marriage if I get married is like that.

The problem is, I have found this type of woman as being bad for me though. Yeah, not revealing what you had for lunch is not much of a "mystery."So, here is a twist to the question...

The Player woman I started a thread on recently had this trait. In an instance that a guy already knows much about the girl already from a non-romantic / non-involved relationship (say, 5 years worth of true friendship with no shenanigans - yes, this really does exist), but then the relationship could possibly turn into a more than platonic situation.

The woman was going on and on about every little detail about her life, while the guy just sat quietly nodding.