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They're not herd animals and spend much of their lives alone.

The primary characteristic that people born under the sign of the Tiger in the Chinese zodiac are believed to exhibit is courageousness; the Tiger represents the dark side of the world in Taoism (the animalistic representation of one half of the yin-yang symbol).

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That tiger spirit is represented in the people who find their way out of the mainstream into different kinds of alternative culture or subculture, the people who are searching for something, who don't just except what is handed to them. The words came to me one night on an overseas trip in 1995 and I knew that's what the band was meant to be called.Tiger Army is me, the band and anyone who believes in this music-- the people who come to the shows, the people who give their support whether that's going off in the front row, taking pictures, or just enjoying what we do.It has to do with my first band, Influence 13 which was myself, Jade Puget, Geoff Kresge and a couple of other guys...In 1991 Nick, Geoff and Jade were in a band together called Influence 13 that broke up in 1993.