Archeological dating method

11-Jul-2017 07:39

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The scientists said the new technique can be used on fired clay ceramics, such as bricks, tile and pottery.

Working with the Museum of London, the team successfully dated brick samples from Roman, medieval and modern periods with what they said was remarkable accuracy.

He believed this even though he did admit that some heat might be generated by the tidal forces or by chemical action.

However, on the whole, he thought that these sources were not adequate to account for anything more than a small faction of the heat lost by the Earth.

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There are some circumstances that can affect this rate such as magnetic fluctuations etc...His result was in close agreement with his estimate of the age of the earth.The solar estimate was based on the idea that the energy supply for the solar radioactive flux is gravitational contraction.Without this knowledge, he argued that, "As for the future, we may say, with equal certainty, that inhabitants of the Earth cannot continue to enjoy the light and heat essential to their life, for many million years longer, unless sources now unknown to us are prepared in the great storehouse of creation."The same is true of the basis of Kelvin's estimate of the age of the Earth.

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