Ang dating daan vs inc

28-Apr-2017 21:37

However, the ADD members and ministers are the ones being killed or murdered, harassed, persecuted and even exiled because of plots to kill and always encounters danger to their lives and limbs where the INC executioners are determined to do harm to the brethren of the ADD group.

A greeting of brotherly love where a Christian can even send his Holy Kiss to a fellow Christian, beyond borders and worldwide. It is located in the heart of the Municipality of Apalit, Pampanga, where majority of the residents of this place are poor families.“A-Lit” is “a light”, connotes brightness related to heaven or heavenly bodies like the sun, moon and the stars and the shining armor of God.Let us see what CEMANES Writes ' "theory"This is the Convention Center of the Members Church of God International (MCGI), popularly known as Ang Dating Daan (ADD). A word idem sonans or same sounding with “Up-A-Lit”.

It is the place where they hold Thanksgiving to God, various activities and very important events in their congregation. “Up” means of a high level or heavenly as people points their fingers up, whenever they want to declare something higher/heavenly.This is taken from the root word “dilim”, a Tagalog or Pilipino term referring to darkness/night.Diliman means in English as dark place or place of darkness.These two religious organizations are exactly opposite from each other in many ways, such that, one can be accepted as “from the light” and the other one as “from darkness.”As the succeeding facts and circumstances will be presented to the readers, we will use ADD and INC to shorten the presentation as we go further in our discussions.