Americans dating frenchmen

08-Oct-2017 09:14

Etc…” I think some people missed something about this blog.

It’s almost offensive actually, as the fact you assume that I can know what’s going on in your man’s mind just because we share the same nationality implies that you basically consider all Frenchmen to be the same and that you don’t consider them as individuals, and that even makes me wonder if you’re dating / are interested in them just because they’re French.

As you said, he doesn’t like the US much, so there must be a connection, don’t you agree?

In my opinion, it’s just a lame way for him to say that despite the fact that he’s a freaking anti-American, he’s trying to go past his idiotic prejudices to be able to get more intimate with you.

Why V-Day is scary Valentine’s Day creates pressure to sort out all this confusion, and also gives people an excuse to define their relationship with certainty.

I’m afraid there has been a misunderstanding since the last question I answered. So let me restate this: This blog is about cultural differences between France and the Anglo-word (especially the US), it’s not about giving advice about personal relationships.It is hard to believe that my first big day romance-wise happened in a country that I am not from and with a guy who is not Chinese.But I think it just made the whole thing fun, cool and memorable.Why is it that every single question I’ve received since is basically the same:“I’m dating/am interested in this French man. And on a side note, if you think that a complete stranger can give you advice on your relationship, it might be time for some introspection.