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25-Nov-2017 10:36

If you can have this guy and have your sexual adventures, too—this could be the start of something big.I'm a mid-20s, above-average-looking gay dude into spanking guys.Anytime anyone—top or bottom—wants to rush into a power-exchange scene, that's a red flag. A good-quality connection with any potential playmate is achieved only through communication.If they are not interested in doing the legwork, they're not the right person for you." Follow Metal on Twitter @Metalbond NYC, follow Amp @Pup_Amp, and follow Ruff @Ruffs Stuff Blog.The weird thing is, the only guys I can find to spank are straight. Seriously Perplexed And Needing Knowledge How do you know their new girlfriends don't start spanking them when you stop?It's not that they're closeted—most of them go on to have girlfriends, and that's when we stop—and they make it clear they don't want anything sexual to happen. And how do you know they aren't closing their eyes and imagining that you're a woman when you're spanking them?Never get tied up in your own home by someone you don't know.If you go to his or her place, always tell a trusted friend where you are going.

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"There are people out there who view 'kink newbies' as prey. So search the 100,000's of online singles seeking family-oriented matches for love, romance and marriage.How does one get into the gay BDSM bottoming and leather scene?But there's no intimate human connection, sexual or otherwise, that doesn't leave us open to hurting or being hurt.