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He didn’t think they’d want to go out with him but I told him, ‘Don’t be silly.

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As noted above, the players started with one character each and fought their first two combat encounters with them.For the next session, I will also buy a small bluetooth keyboard so I don't have to stand up and go to the laptop everytime I have to change maps (The client laptop showed maptools at fullscreen the whole time).By all means do NOT think that everything will just work right away.the big Ssurran picture that's halfway visible in the top left corner can be made visible and dragged to the play area should a character succeed in a nature test to find out more about this creature.

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The Info token in the middle provides the room description straight from the campaign and can just be read out loud easily without having to look into the book.

I’ve honestly never been happier in my entire life,” Bailon told People magazine.