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09-Apr-2017 18:17

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In 1996 the median income for Whites was ,957 (31%) higher than for Blacks.

In 2006 the gap in median incomes was nearly identical with the median income for Whites being ,929 (22%) higher than that for African Americans.

Personal income is an individual's total earnings from wages, investment interest, and other sources.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a median personal income of 5 weekly for all full-time workers in 2017.

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Measuring income by per capita is another way to look at personal earnings by race.Nothing in this world is stopping you with the right money mindset to get rich. Unfortunately for the lazy, you’re actually going to have to try hard at first. If you have optimism, you will always find the right direction. People will be drawn to you and naturally want to start helping you and doing business with you. It’s important not to be a donkey and get mediocre grades.I believe 0,000 is the income level that brings maximum happiness, so even if you are already making 0,000 a year, you still have more happiness to go. If you’re just coasting with a “B” or worse, you’re going to end up going to a “B” college or worse.The only exception was among the holders of graduate degrees who constitute 8.9% of the population.

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Among those with a master's, professional or doctorate degree, those who identified as White had the highest median individual income. The second largest racial or ethnic gap was between Whites and African Americans with the former earning roughly 22% more than the latter.

Thus one can observe a significant discrepancy with the median income of Asians and Whites and that of African Americans and Hispanics.

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Years isn’t that big of an age gap. Anyway, age doesn’t matter. If you like him you should just tell him you like him and want a relationship and that you don’t find it weird about the age gap since its only 5 years.… continue reading »

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